3 of My Children Are Not Mine . Nigerian Man Cries Out

Relationship blogger and adviser, Joro Olumofin has shared the pathetic story of a heartbroken man whose wife reportedly had three children with another man.

He has lived with this over the years without any knowledge of the scandal until recently.
The man is presently broken and bereft of ideas on how to tackle the situation.

Men have been urged to go conduct a DNA test on their children in order to ascertain their if they are truly theirs.

Read the story below:

“Good evening Joro Olumofin. I’m so unhappy and broken as I write you. I found out early this month that 3 out of my 4 kids are not mine. I’ve never really taken note much of my children’s medical records and history because my Wife is always on top of it so I just believe she has everything covered in that regard. We got married officially 2013 and between then and now my wife had a set of tins boys and one girl. Now 2019 she is currently pregnant with another baby. Sometime in October my wife was away in work assignment, one of the twins fell really ill and needed blood. As the father I offered to give blood but after running all necessary tests the doctor said I couldn’t give my child blood because our blood group didn’t match. I was confused because myself and my wife between us I didn’t know her blood group. Never paid any attention.
To cut the long story short, that was the day everything fell apart. I took the other 2 children to the hospital the next day and asked that the doctor run a DNA test on all 3 kids. After a week the result came and the 3 kids aren’t mine. There is no way to know about the last child my wife is carrying until she puts to bed. This is a woman who I have given everything, is it cars? Money? Businesses? Anything she wants I provide. She is the envy of all her friends. I have not touched another woman since we got married and she repays me with such wickedness. I have been taking care of another mans children. I can’t help but hate them. I hate all of them. I can’t stand the site of them. They are suffering for offenses committed by their mother. I saw so many signs but I ignored. The ultimate question. Who is there father, she doesn’t know or she doesn’t want to tell me. Is the child she is carrying now for me? Was she sent to me by the devil to ruin my life. I am loosing my mind. I pray and go to bed thinking I will love these kids in the morning but in the morning I hate them more than I slept. It is so hard for me. I am in serious pains. Please do dna test your children. Don’t invest in Bastard children like I did. Some people will love them I praying for God’s strength. The twins celebrate there birthday next week. I am sad and happy I won’t be a part of their life.