I Feel Bad And Cheaed Spending On My Girlfriends, They Say Am Very Stingy. Is Any Of My Kind Here?

I'm an average graduate still managing and hustling for a better job, my salary is 45-50k. I stay alone & pay my bills plus other responsibilities.

I've been into failed relationships in the past from my woman cheating, fucking around or being a gold digger. Lately i started having trust issues and as am typing right now I've only toy gfs or flings with no feelings attached, i only call them when i need to charge my battery, i ll
make them laugh and be like when ll u come see me now, then somehow they come and we arrange each other & that's all, annoying part is most of this girls Bleep around & i find out, my problem is am too smart that i find out easily if a woman is fucking around. hence i can't say i want to settle with any of this girls for a serious relationship, i really want to live a responsible life, ve my own woman but irresponsible girls everywhere.

Lately one i just started dating a lady i so much adore, after spending our first day and night together, she got home next day and called to ask for 3k, i told her honestly i don't ve that cash at the moment but maybe nextweek, since that day she started avoiding me & infact she has refused to see me since then.

The irony of the whole thing is i spend more than this on my guy friends & feel it's normal but giving a woman money is like being dupe, i gave a lady who came to my place yesterday 300naira for transport fare because from her place to mind is just 100naira, the eye she looked at me but this dude don't give a Bleep ;Dmind you she's fucking a guy who's my neighbor but we both pretended not to know.
I've lost so many relationship because of money because i feel am about to be duped, i only had few serious relationship in the past and i spend on average, because they deserve it and also spend on me as well.

The moment a lady ask me for money, airtime for sub that's the end, i don't care if u re testing me because if i ask lady to come sleep with me as a test am sure she ll not oblige.
Infact a lady came to myhouse last weekend and i subtracted all the money i spent entertaining her from what i intended to give her for tfare. (malt-200naira, snacks-200, she used data for over 30mins through hotspot- 200naira, she used my perfume 100naira..her change is remaining 300naira so i gave her 300naira while she was leaving). She got home and started giving me attitude.

Infact one of my ex we ve been really chating well and getting along but the day i saw please send me money, that's the last time we chatted since July this year.
Wait guys am i really stingy