Met this beautiful angel sometime 2017 in school, we became friends but officially started dating last year December.

Things have not been Rosy cause I'm not the regular rich kid, although, she is understanding, mature and supportive.


I graduated last year, though have not been to service, with her support and that of friends, I got a 2.4 Camry I have been using for bolt.

She just graduated last week, and went home on Tuesday but before she left for home, I proposed we hang out to have some fun as her going home entails we would not see each other soonest, she accepted.

But on the other hand, my immediate elder sister had her wedding last month 23rd and as the first son, I know I became bankrupt, not forgetting that where I stay, (with a distant relative) I was given December to vamoose even though I know I'm of age to have a place of my own without being told.

So I thought about all this and decided I won't miss work that Monday, raising 200k working with bolt and my car is not too sound too, that means I have to work every single day, but on a second thought, it would be selfish of me so I skipped work on Monday and we were together that whole day.

She left for home on Tuesday, I was already out working, I saw a "stressed out" status on WhatsApp, I asked and she said she didn't leave in the morning that she was called to make urgent corrections by her supervisor.

On Wednesday we said the normal hello and good morning, most times I will be driving and a little stop or traffic I will have to reply her message or send a voice note.

But just today, no good morning or anything from the both of us, this evening, she sent in a message that she is tired, first thing that came to my mind was, "yes, i said it she would be bored at home" but I was still driving then, so I quickly replied, "I'm tired too" next thing is let's just end it and stop wasting each others time.

This is not the first time she is threatening me with breakup, she went on to call me heartless, i don't know, but I thought I found the right one, we always planned the future together, gisted about alot of things and the name we would give our kids, only for her to tell me she sees no future.

If this was a joke, then it was taken too far, I have accommodation issue, my younger brother is my responsibility for now, she knows everything about me, we weren't lacking in communication, now I believe a struggling guy shouldn't be in a relationship.

This is actually going to be a long journey to singleness. I was sad that I had to bruise some cars in traffic this evening, thanks for reading and sorry for the lengthy right up.